Mahavishnu Orchestra: Resolution

Conclusion of the bananafish garden concert
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 responses to “Mahavishnu Orchestra: Resolution”

  1. candem2 says:

    the most powerful band of all time! 

  2. up2space says:

    well is mahavishnu in the grasp of hindu demons or is his creativity from a good triune god we call Jesus. if it’s demon worship ultimately, he has brought a bad reference to music theory.

  3. caryzia says:

    Laird sure is wanking on this… bad sound
    but Thanks.

  4. szelenberg says:

    Dorian! I saw many concerts of SBB, it was great, magic music(in 70th). I hope You will like it. I know Mahavishnu, but in my opinion some records of SBB are more attractive and I prefer their music. Best wishes!

  5. dorian411 says:

    Really? You must be high or something. SBB is not even close to the MO. Well maybe one of SBB’s guitarist’s use of a Gibson double neck…

  6. nassreiskulturen says:

    “Don`t let the Dragon eat your Mother” on “Devotion” has similiar chord changes. I think he was experimenting with it and finally completed it with the Mahavishnu Orchestra.

  7. szelenberg says:

    fine music but the best concert jazzrock trio was SBB, try for example concert from Karlstad 1975, may be the best record in this style in XX century or concert from Helsinki with Niemen as Niemen group from 1973 possible on youtube

  8. szelenberg says:

    fine music but the best concert jazzrock trio was SBB, try for example concert from Karlstad 1975, may be the best record in this style in XX century

  9. walterkolosky1 says:

    Guitarist Carl Orr: “I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Follow Your Heart – John McLaughlin song by song.” The descriptions of the music are great, and I particularly enjoy those inspired moments when the author abandons literal description and describes the music in vivid, sometimes surreal imagery.”

  10. TheRegart says:

    WOW!! The energy from the band sounds incredible compared to the studio recordings!

  11. up2space says:

    kick ass!

  12. hanzabass says:

    bazonicks, nice you noticed the evolution and consequently renaming of these pieces..

  13. 56drummer says:

    incredible band incredible music. 

  14. florafox says:

    and the heavy chords of “vision is a naked sword” are nothing but a highly developed form of these chords from “follow your heart” played in three steps, and both pieces are in a 11- metre. This music is like a powerful drug.

  15. judgeofwar says:

    the best!!! this band is amazing! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

  16. guitarman59102 says:

    i saw this vid when it first came out back in 72 in concert
    on abc 5 pieces and it was so hot i never saw a man use a double neck like did
    and billy cobham was the stuff back then

  17. bazonics says:

    As far as I know, Rick Laird is now a profesional photographer living in New York.

  18. VSNROCKS says:

    Where has Rick Laird gone? I use to see him play play with Chuck Wayne in NYC. Always loved his style.

  19. setonz says:

    These five guys together were the perfect storm in jazz rock fusion.

  20. lordsuzy says:

    Yeah Resolution 🙂 to the greatness of MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA

  21. dorian411 says:

    Actually, it is three albums. Just pulled it out of my collection to convert to waves. A fu(king wierd piece of music 🙂

  22. AirHendrix91 says:

    Near 2 minutes, my heart dropped.

  23. b1tbomb says:

    God, I’d give anything to have seen these guys. I don’t think I’d ever leave the concert, I’d just gradually dematerialize or something.

  24. underage4page says:

    ps this song is orgasm saturated

  25. underage4page says:

    someone upload the rest of this concert!! please

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