Pixel Frame

Pixel Frame
for a pixel

Image by KhaledR
For Macro Mondays challenge – Framed
This is a photo of the thumbnail of a photo I used in MM a few weeks ago as it appeared on my iPad’s screen. Screens are but pixel frames. You’re looking into one right now.

7 responses to “Pixel Frame”

  1. KhaledR says:

    It was fascinating to see what the screen was made of. Take a look at the cropped tip of the nose of this face [http://www.flickr.com/photos/khaledr/5566874005/in/photostream/]

    This was the original photo

    And this is my iPad at the time

  2. reign 60 says:

    A very clever take on the theme…….it works well !!

  3. nauticalnancy - sailing from Townsville to Cairns says:


  4. jhoover24 says:

    Very clever! HMM 🙂

  5. Nancy Goodenough says:

    Uh, I saw other than a face. It is cool. HMM!

  6. KhaledR says:

    Nancy, Nancy, Nancy! 😀

  7. musklick says:

    Well, I can understand where Nancy’s coming from 😉 It’s a creative idea to take a macro of your screen. I like it. HMM.

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