What is the difference of native resolution and game resolution?

Question by : What is the difference of native resolution and game resolution?
And how will the monitor switch between the 2 native resolution built into it?

When getting a monitor what should the resolution be?What resolutions should I look for?

Why are small 20′ bad for HD?

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Answer by veryfast95
native resolution is the native resolution of the monitor itself. It’s the resolution the monitor is designed for.

it can switch by lowering the pixel count on the screen. for example the monitor is 1920×1080, if the game runs at 1280×720 it just lowers the pixel count to the lower resolution.

the resolution you should get is up to you. if your old fashioned get a good 1024×768 CRT monitor! for more typical home users, the average resolution is 1280×1024 at around 13 – 16″ in length. For gamers, you’d probably want an HD monitor 720p or better yet 1080p (if your graphics card can handle it)

I never heard of 20″ monitors being bad for HD. I guess it’s bad (my opinion) because your packing a large amount of pixels into such a tiny monitor that the clarity and contrast would suck. I dunno really.

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