when shopping for a digital camera,do i go for higher mega pixel count for picture quality?

Question by steve b: when shopping for a digital camera,do i go for higher mega pixel count for picture quality?
Some less expensive cameras( about $ 125) can be found with 14 mega pixel but some cameras up around $ 500 can have 10 mega pixel. Hoping a phototog can give me a quick tutorial.

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Answer by Jeroen Wijnands
The only use more than 6 mpix has is for bragging rights. If you want ot impress your friends go for the 14 mpix. If you want to take nice pics go for something with a good lens and a sensor that has some low light capability

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  1. hamon rye says:

    the more megapizels the better the quality… mega pixel is how much detail. digi-cams take photos on grids, 1 megap is 1000 little dots of detail per area.
    there comes a point where 10000 vs 14000 dots doesn’t matter. go for features. optical (NOT digital) zoom– higher is better. stuff like that. but for most things you don’t need a 500 dollar camera.

  2. leiominala says:

    Generally the mhigher mega pixel the better quality picture however you should pay attention to your zoom nowadays a good zoom should be higher than 5x also lens quality is a factore if there is a high megapixel but not a great lens quality the pictures will still not be as clear as they could be.

  3. Veato says:

    Megapixels are important to an extent. They determine the resolution of the picture and this can be important when capturing fine detail and cropping/enlarging.

    That’s not the end of it though. You also need to take into the account the optics (lens) and the size/type of the sensor.

    A 10mp DSLR with a good lens will for example outperform a 15mp compact camera without question.

    So without getting too technical you would be better buying a higher quality camera with lower MP count than a cheap camera with higher MP count.

    As most cameras today will feature at least 6MP then look for other features like optical zoom, ‘fast’ lens (f/2. f/2.8, etc etc), sensor size and type, focal range……

  4. I2K4 says:

    It’s basically true that above 8mpx the average user should be looking at lens (image) quality and other features – megapixels are no longer an issue in consumer digital photography.

    You should think about how serious you are about photography and look at cameras with features that appeal to you at the store and consider various advice, but before buying check reviews and compare image galleries at dpreview.com or cameralabs.com or other reputable sites.

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