How do I know the mega pixel of a CD version of a film camera?

Question by : How do I know the mega pixel of a CD version of a film camera?
I am using a Canon Rebel T2 SLR. When I go to get the pics developed, I always get a CD of the pics also. Now , is there a way to know what the Mega pixel of the CD “version” of the film, basically for enlargements?

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Answer by Hondo
Unless they scale your images, which they would not, the number of megapixels of the photo will be the same as the number of megapixels of your camera.

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  1. Jim A says:

    No, all you can do is check the file properties for it’s size in mb.

    There is no pixel measurement for film photos

  2. Petra_au says:

    It would depend on what resolution your negatives are scanned at. The higher the resolution, the larger the possible enlargement (I would presume).

  3. Veato says:

    There seems to be some confusion here, mainly by people who dont know what they’re talking about. Digital scans (on CD for example) DO have an equivalent megapixel value.

    Do this:-

    Browse to a photo from the CD on your computer
    Right-click and go to “Properties”
    Go to the “Summary” tab
    Press “Advanced”

    At the top it will show the width and height in pixels. Now multiply these two values together.

    For example I have a small cropped photo I wanted to put on Facebook. Its height is 604 pixels and its width is 413 pixels.

    604×413=249452 which is almost equivalent to 0.3 megapixels

    As another example I have some scans which were done at a lab from negative. The values are (if I remember correctly):
    2400×1800=4320000 which is basically equivalent to 4.5 megapixels

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