How Pixel Laser Skin Resurfacing Works

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  1. 00daisukidesu00 says:

    @LebaneseNostalgia I just had one treatment so far (and the severity of the laser and the passes the doctor made, were up to a minimum because it was the first time), so I haven’t seen great results as I need to have at least 2 more treatments to see results. Still, some of my acne cleared up and I’m looking forward to the next time. There was little pain involved (because they applied a numbing cream beforehand) and then my skin was very red and peeling off. Overall, I’m happy about it.

  2. LebaneseNostalgia says:

    @00daisukidesu00 do you recommend it?

  3. 00daisukidesu00 says:

    Thank you for this video, i will be having Pixel laser soon and this was very helpful in explaining the procedure!

  4. sohaljatt08 says:

    im in dallas tx where can i get this done and how much would it cost?

  5. mamibg87 says:

    ….they can see a difference. I am very happy with my results. I saw the best plastic surgeon in Colima, Mex. I found out later that he also practices in the US. So, i got a magnificent deal with the laser in Mex.

  6. mamibg87 says:

    My face is very sensitive. It was really red for a bit… I had put lots and lots of lidocaine and it still hurt after the laser was done. It was like a burning sensation. I took pain killers so they pain went away soon. My doctor told me to wait a span of 3 months to get another laser treatment. I washed my face the next day as prescribed. I also was given prescriptions for healing and antibiotics. All went smooth 🙂 my face got better after 12 days of peeling. My family and friends tell me th

  7. j209991 says:

    @mamibg87 Mine didn’t hurt that bad, the pain was gone as soon as the laser stop shooting. You shouldn’t wash it the day you have it done.

  8. Missydoryfish says:

    @mamibg89 where did u get urs done?

  9. mamibg87 says:

    Minimal discomfort??? It hurts like a burn. But it passes in a few hours. Best to take strong pain relievers. My face got super red like a tomato. 2nd day is somewhat red and brown. Feels stiff and hurts a bit when washing. Will update later….

  10. sms8668 says:

    @jarmila0001 . did u have any mild scarring that was smooth after surgery? I have a couple minor marks on my face and I seen a dr who does Fraxel. He said I wouldn’t even see them when he got done. I had multiple microdermabrasion treatments that helped but the aesthitician said my scars were not that noticeable, but they bother me.

  11. jarmila0001 says:

    I have had it done 6 times and I can say that it does hurt afterwords, The skin burns like after a bad sunburn and more. I could sleep only on my back for a few days. Then the skin turned brown and tight and started peeling and and the new skin was red. I kept looking at my face thinking what am I doing to myself.
    After I took a picture of my face and compare it to my picture before the procedure and I could not believe how much younger I looked. I look now aobut 15 year younger. I am 63.

  12. pamala1955 says:

    it Does hurt, but works well.  Firms underneath layers,

  13. averycoolname says:

    that still look painful

  14. divadexie says:

    do u know how a fraxel laser works?

  15. Anderson says:

    Excellent tips! I have been seeking for everything like this for quite a while finally. Thank you!

  16. Allen says:

    Nice piece of writing, I absolutely expect up-dates from you.

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