Jack’s Mannequin – The Resolution [Official Music Video]

© 2008 WMG “The Resolution” by Jack’s Mannequin from ‘The Glass Passenger,’ available now. Download on iTunes: bit.ly Directed by Stephenie Meyer & Noble Jones Links: Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Website: www.jacksmannequin.com “The Resolution” Lyrics: There’s a lot that I don’t know There’s a lot that I’m still learning When I think I’m letting go I find my body it’s still burning And you hold me down And you got me living in the past Come on and pick me up Somebody clear the wreckage from the blast [Chorus:] Yeah I’m alive But I don’t need a witness To know that I’ve survived I’m not looking for forgiveness Yeah I just need light I need light in the dark As I search for the resolution And the bars are finally closed So I try living in the moment For the moment it just froze And I felt sick and so alone I could hear the sound Of your voice still ringing in my ear I’m going underground But you’ll find me anywhere I fear [Chorus] The resolution The resolution And you hold me down Yeah you hold me down Yeah I’m alive But I don’t need a witness To know that I’ve survived I’m not looking for forgiveness [Chorus] I need life I need life (Lying in the dark as I search for the resolution) Resolution (Lying in the dark as I search for the resolution) Resolution (Lying in the dark as I search for the resolution)
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33 responses to “Jack’s Mannequin – The Resolution [Official Music Video]”

  1. 12smita says:

    there is nothing you can say negative about this band. amazing story. amazing music.

  2. campbujanganx says:

    @MrMewin23 lmfao

  3. AwesomeBlueDrumGurl says:

    Words can’t describe how beautiful this song, this man, and this band is.

  4. dianadestefano9d3 says:

    he’s so inspirational. i hope everyone knows this is about him surviving leukemia.

  5. Breannapast says:

    I Love Andrew Mcmann He’s Amazing <3 😉

  6. dlund92 says:

    i’ve never related to a song as much as i do to this one

  7. skmyilteh says:

    anyone else thinks he looks like Sacha Baron Cohen here?

  8. traceofpurple says:

    i suppose its a matter of opinion and taste. i happen to think she is a fantastic writer. each to their own hey.

  9. coyb1823 says:

    @traceofpurple yeah that statement is more than a stretch. that’s like a tug and a snap.

  10. MuppetsFan1 says:

    @traceofpurple “best writers of recent times” might be a stretch.

  11. anzax33 says:

    jacks mannequin = perfection

  12. traceofpurple says:

    i just found out stephenie meyer was kind of director/creative consultant for this video. its pretty amazing to think this came out of the mind of one of the best writers of recent times. excellent song too. love it 🙂

  13. rruutthhable says:

    @rruutthhable the band is Something Corporate. If you want to listen to Andrew in a band setting then you could maybe check them out instead of yelling at all of us for being “wrong”

  14. x3rachelcox says:

    @LearrrrrBean nice grammar.

  15. emilylee4 says:

    this song makes me cry every time. it’s so purposeful. Keep livin’ it Andrew, show leukemia that you’re a fighter. <3

  16. emilylee4 says:

    i love Andrew because he writes his songs for a purpose. and it’s not just a purpose, it’s HIS purpose. He writes them to please himself and prove to those who watched that he will fight his leukemia and he has lived and survived. I love you Andrew. You are my inspiration!

  17. 25HPFreak says:

    I love these people. I got into a argument over some stupid stereotype about punk bands, and I played the Jack’s Mannequin card. The dude asked me who and I would have slapped him if he wasn’t my favorite guy friend, and if I hadn’t been at school in front of a teacher

  18. MacSculptor says:

    I’m going to see Jack’s Mannequin tonight!
    Man, he’s so talented. One of the most talented people in the world. 

  19. rruutthhable says:

    @LearrrrrBean actually he refers to himself as a solo act. yes he has a band behind him but Andrew McMahon is Jack’s Mannequin. Not any one else.

  20. LearrrrrBean says:

    Does anyone here understand that Jack’s Mannequin isn’t just one guy? Jack’s Mannequin is a band, stop referring to them as `him`.
    Anyway, rant over; Jack’s Mannequin are AMAZING. (:

  21. stairwaygoddess says:

    1:55 …. the river is everywhere

  22. SuperSweetalicous says:

    i just found out stephenie meyer directed the vid

  23. jbriseno707 says:

    THis is my favorite of Jack’s M songs, the video just doesnt capture the entirety of the song. this is an epic piece of music that should captivate his life and musical career. He’s in LA, ca. There are numerous ideas the director should’ve ran with. not just hearts in the sand. But the song is incredible

  24. michael72986 says:

    @MrMewin23 I’m glad you do research on the bands you listen to. /facepalm

  25. TheKidDiggzTV says:

    What a great song, i just cant believe it doesn’t have more views.

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