John Coltrane – Resolution – 1965 Live Video

A Love Supreme Live in France. Amazing.

25 responses to “John Coltrane – Resolution – 1965 Live Video”

  1. JoshuaMaxey says:

    @ShadKiklas yup

  2. addeex1 says:

    4:22 LOVE THAT LINE!!!!

  3. TheHeidarNowar says:

    apparently people walked out of this performance

  4. TheHeidarNowar says:

    finally i have found it a resolution video

  5. jcriosable says:


  6. arielrcalabria says:

    Sounds like the voice of god.

  7. rikibitta says:

    2people have no A love supreme

  8. rikibitta says:

    @grandpasun one of the best comment on Utube

  9. grandpasun says:

    The first time I heard this particular live concert, it was so good that I almost lost my mind. 10 years later, I’ve lost my mind and it’s still so good 🙂

  10. bobbyearl60 says:

    I had this album for 15 years and had listened to it once.just didnt get it. then one of my clients mentioned it and I went back with fresh ears.Its now one of my favorite albums ever!Had been a coltrane fan for years but some of his music just has to grow on you.Or should I say we have to grow to its level

  11. soylaq says:

    Coltrane, wonderful as usual. And Mccoy, he’s THE REAL MCCOY!!!

  12. Mighselph says:

    2:17 the video is haunted by Coltrane

  13. smothsax0309 says:

    There is a stupid that didn t like this, maybe some John Mayer fan

  14. thejohn6040 says:

    @ShadKiklas i think he does, sound like he does, anyway 😉

  15. GrindOffYourFace says:

    Tyner… en.*********.***/wiki/Aura_(paranormal)

  16. JazzAndFlyFishing says:

    This is too much. I enjoy this so much that it almost kills me. 

  17. rlevanony says:

    And now we know.

  18. lakisdiako1 says:

    Fantastic quartet!

  19. saxandwaxman says:

    Spirits through their awakened processing

  20. dr05guitar says:

    i like that you can hear the bass so well here

  21. mojopin11 says:

    Happy Birthday!

  22. jalofnotrade says:

    wooo yea! happy birthday John

  23. kpowell927 says:

    Best sex of my life, this was on in the background.

  24. TheGodfatherRulo says:

    Skating to this is like floting…

  25. TheodorFriberg says:


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