No Resolutions 2010

No Resolutions 2010

Image by katerha
Oops, I guess I broke my resolution of no resolutions……by making a NO resolution resolution!

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10 responses to “No Resolutions 2010”

  1. colemama says:

    Hope that is easily accomplished! On the other hand, do you want to commit to any new year’s aspirations? 😉

  2. rosipaw says:

    I so symphatize with this. I have let myself down so many times with New Year’s resolutions. I have switched to longer-term goals and a flexible approach. Happy New Year anyway!.

  3. gibsonsgolfer says:

    Now that is creative writing 😉

  4. Steve Troletti - says:

    LOL Great Challenge Pic!

    Seen in the group"" ( ?² )

  5. EdWeaver says:

    A lot easier than mine!! :- }

  6. JonathanCohen says:

    Nice take on the theme. Now that you’ve broken the resolution, I guess you can make a few more for the rest of the months pics, no?

    Seen in the group"" (?)

  7. Alison et Cedric says:

    that’s a great resolution !

  8. susanej05 says:

    Nice photo! I’ve included it (with attribution at the bottom) in this blog post. Thanks!

  9. Brian Metcalfe says:

    THANKS Kate …
    I appreciate your willingness to share this unique photo with Creative Commons attributes. I used it, with credit, in my "Teacher Feature" #5 remix at:
    Thanks again for caring & sharing 🙂 Brian

  10. acfeinman says:

    Thanks for putting this in the creative commons–it was perfect counterpoint to my recent blog post:…

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