Pixel Technologies AFHD-4 AM / FM & HD Radio Antenna

Pixel Technologies AFHD-4 AM / FM & HD Radio Antenna

  • Best-in-class pro-quality outdoor AM / FM / HD Radio Antenna
  • Omni-directional for reception of stations from all directions
  • Receive stations up to 90 miles (see test results in Product Description) All signals multiplexed on a single RG-6 cable (not included)
  • Includes surge protector and all required adaptors and jumpers

Designed for easy outdoor or attic installation with rugged pro-quality construction, this low profile omni-directional antenna will bring out the best performance from any receiver. Specifications: Antenna length: 48 inches- Frequency of Operation: AM Band (500 KHz to 1750 KHz)- FM Band (88MHz -108 MHz)- Ground plane required: None- AM capture length: 300 inches – AM / FM Band Separator Performance: FM rejection in AM band: > 50 dB- AM rejection in FM band: > 60 dB- AM/FM Pass-band loss: < 1dB-

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