Pixels With Her Moo Card

Pixels With Her Moo Card
for a pixel
Image by Chipis & Pellitos
Pixels was very hard to pose. She was afraid of the moo card for some reason.

The original picture used for the moo card is here:

7 responses to “Pixels With Her Moo Card”

  1. sbpoet says:

    Pretty kitty!

  2. Chipis & Pellitos says:

    Pixels is a cute one. And she purrs more or less on command, just a few seconds of petting will start her up. If you click on the pixels tag to the right you’ll see all her pictures which are on flickr.

  3. AndyPhotos715 says:

    You’re invited to join
    Cats Named Pixel
    Thank You!

  4. manu/manuela says:

    Nice and funny !

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