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Pixel chix rules ..

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Pixel chix rules ..
pixel chix
Image by CakewalkBU3
One of the 3 that my Littlest has ..

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Cute Pixel Kitten Death – #1 – Circular Saw

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Get more SPB Cute Pixel Kitten Deaths 1 – Circular Saw Everyone loves YouTube cat videos right? But have you ever thought ‘I wonder what would happen if a kitten was killed by a bandsaw?’ Nope? Well, we’re going to show you what happens anyway? Why? We totally love cats. And this kitten ain’t real y’all. Ps. We genuinely love cats. For more info and stuff, head on down to the website! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel! How to love a cat How to raise a kitten How to write a comedy How to make machinima How to write a sitcom

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How can I shrink video pixel to sharpen the picture?

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Question by stephano1002: How can I shrink video pixel to sharpen the picture?
I have a couple of online videos that, while still viewable, they both have pretty large pixel, sort of like when a storm interrupts cable. Are there any downloadable programs that can help clean the videos?
Thanks, in advance, for all informed answers.

Best answer:

Answer by colintd
just about impossible to put information in by trying to take a low res and converting it to hi res

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New mini 12.0 Mega Pixel USB 2.0 Webcam For PC/Laptop

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