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Google Nexus One – Dead Pixel

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Google Nexus One – Dead Pixel
for a pixel
Image by Fragments of Eternity
My Nexus One has a dead pixel, or technically a dead subpixel (since new, I spotted it after a few hours of use).

I believe that it’s the green subpixel that is non-functioning, which makes it appear as a red spot in areas that should be white — like most webpages. Even worse, it’s almost in the middle of the screen!

Having said that, it’s extremely small — you’ll have to view this photo at large size at least to be able to make it out. I’ve highlighted where it is in a note, hover over the photo above to see where to look.

Happily, HTC’s customer service (something I’ve never yet had to use, despite this being my 5th HTC phone in a row) were very helpful, and the phone is getting swapped out for a new one tomorrow!

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Plate to Pixel: Digital Food Photography and Styling

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Tips and techniques for making food look good—before it tastes good!Food photography is on the rise, with the millions of food bloggers around the word as well as foodies who document their meals or small business owners who are interested in cutting costs by styling and photographing their own menu items, and this book should serve as your first course in food photography. Discover how the food stylist exercises unique techniques to make the food look attractive in the finished product.

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Pixel Animation – GBCity

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The first “3D” pixel art animation from What Pixel You On. It’s a little rough around the edges, but if I didn’t upload it now, I don’t think I ever would have. Can you spot the Keith Apicary references? Enjoy! :] Music is by FantomenK and used with permission: – You and the Sprites – Slayer Waves Voice acting by Elly from Appchat: Art & Animation by Liam Reddington. Also, special thanks to Elly for coming up with the name! Thanks for watching! :]
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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