The Resolution – Jack’s Mannequin (Live, Acoustic)

ÔôĺBuzznet 2008, enjoy & comment! ­čÖé

25 responses to “The Resolution – Jack’s Mannequin (Live, Acoustic)”

  1. noreaction1 says:

    can you tell me what´╗┐ you think?´╗┐ /watch?v=cCjM1YKOr2I

  2. dl1151 says:

    you sir can´╗┐ go eat shit and die. Andrew Mcmahon is a badass!

  3. Shadowinchester says:

    Dude, fuck you, seriously.´╗┐ His voice is gorgeous, rich, and full of powerful, pure life. I love Andrew, he’s my bro. ­čśÇ

  4. jovibarbie says:

    Ok, so this is one of my favorite videos specifically from min 3:02 on with his silly face hitting the last two keys. So´╗┐ cute. Great song though! ­čÖé

  5. liamisthelawdog says:

    I want to meet the guitarist, he is my inspiration´╗┐

  6. WeTheTatii says:

    yeah and that person should´╗┐ be you asshole

  7. TheLolidontcare says:

    can I´╗┐ just have andrew?

  8. TFellenz01 says:

    That man’s voice makes me want to stab myself repeatedly´╗┐ in the ears. Everyone should be able to express themselves, but some people need to keep it to themselves.

  9. RFCnathBFC says:

    That’s´╗┐ pathetic.

  10. 00missnute says:

    i met himmmm ­čÖé Andrew is so awesome. all´╗┐ of his lyrics are amazing and so inspirational.

  11. seancavanaugh33 says:


  12. JMisSC08 says:

    not on´╗┐ itunes?

  13. gangstersonthebloc says:

    You’re a dick!´╗┐

  14. justplayfm says:

    This video was just added to a music´╗┐ playlist at

  15. JDeguara says:

    Cool´╗┐ story bro.

  16. glueckskindchen says:

    where the heck can i find a decent version of “at full speed”?
    been´╗┐ looking for it foreeever and it seemed to have disappeared from the internet.
    it used to be my favourite song and i want to listen to it again so badly!

  17. Nyankocafe says:

    Me too. D: I love them´╗┐ sooooooooooo mcuh<3

  18. flickded says:

    Dude is just amazing. With all he’s gone through, to be able to make such strong and passionate music; you can’t ask´╗┐ for more from one.

  19. amandajoyceisabella says:

    I honestly didn’t expect him to sound this good outside of the studio. I don’t expect anybody to be this good outside of the studio, actually. Wow!´╗┐

  20. thehattedmusician says:

    He’s awesome live, but he scared me a few times. lol´╗┐

  21. sarahgabriellemusic says:

    Andrew Mcmahon has changed´╗┐ my life in such a beautiful way <3

  22. sHelloBonjour says:

    The day they’ll be on the radio here, I think I will DIE !!
    I wish they will stay like they are, so much better than the usual and commercial things we hear again and again!´╗┐ <3

  23. dianasaurr says:

    i am DYING to see them live.´╗┐

  24. xXLovexLostXx says:

    Why are people fighting about anything in the comments of this song? We all know that Andrew is´╗┐ immensely talented, and that Jack’s Mannequin is a wonderful band. What’s there to fight about?

  25. killerbeans1981 says:

    Possibly the most powerful line I’ve ever heard in music.

    – I need light in the dark as I search for the resolution

    I was recently´╗┐ diagnosed with melanoma and even though my prognosis is good my life perspective will forever be changed

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