What is a good Mega Pixel for a Digital Camera?

Question by : What is a good Mega Pixel for a Digital Camera?
I was wondering what is a good Mega Pixel for a digital camera. Also I would like to know a good resolution, zoom, optical zoom, and what not. I am trying to find a good camera but I would like to understand more of the quality of it. Also if anyone knows any good brands that would be great.

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  1. fhotoace says:

    On pixel counts:


    Optical zoom is the only zoom to be considered. All that a digital zoom does is crop an already small sensor, reducing any quality you may have further

    Here is a link to good brands. It you see a brand NOT listed here, avoid it


  2. AWBoater says:

    Anything 10Mp or above is sufficient. Due to the Inverse Square Law, it takes a doubling in MegaPixel resolution to make a noticeable difference – and that assumes the sensors are sufficiently large enough to contain the higher MegaPixel count.

    Therefore, virtually no one will be able to detect the difference between a 10Mp and 12Mp camera.

    Super zooms, those more than 5x to 7x or so have issues with image quality – especially at the longer focal lengths on cheaper cameras – they can be a bit blurry.

    A photograph taken with a cheap bridge camera with a 24x zoom will look like it was taken with a cheap bridge camera with a 24x zoom.

    High MegaPixel counts, especially in compact cameras are nothing more than a marketing ploy to get you to buy a more expensive camera – and if anything, can worsen image quality.

    High Zoom ranges, especially in compact cameras are nothing more than a marketing ploy to get you to buy a more expensive camera – and if anything, can worsen image quality.

    Fact is, marketing’s primary goal is to make think your current camera is obsolete and get you buy more expensive cameras, and rarely have anything to do with actual quality, which is an engineering goal. Sadly, marketing teams have run amok at many of the camera manufacturers.

    Digital zoom really doesn’t work. You would be better off keeping that function turned off.

  3. keerok says:

    2MP would be good enough but you have up to 160MP to choose from. Bear in mind that megapixels only tell how large the picture will be. Picture quality is a totally different thing. Resolution is more or less related to megapixels. Zoom is the ratio from the shortest to the longest focal length of the lens. Optical zoom is zoom from the lens only which is differentiated from digital zoom which no one should bother using anyway. What not is the most important. Whatever specs your camera has, in the end, you the user dictate picture quality. Brands? Some of the easiest to use cameras belong to the Sony Cybershot lineup.

  4. Eagle says:

    Megapixels are NOT everything. There are very few cameras on the market with a rating of below 6 megapixels – that is, 6 million individual dots making up each picture. Most cameras are now 8 megapixels or higher.

    Salesmen and adverts may try to convince you otherwise, but unless you’re planning on printing your pictures at poster size, anything over 6 megapixels is plenty.

    Not all ‘zooms’ are created equal. Optical Zooms are King.
    I would highly recommend that you only take into consideration the ‘optical zoom’ when making a decision about which camera to buy.

  5. Masticina Akicta says:

    Depends on sensor size, something like 1/1,8″ or 1/2,3″ is very small and definitely is hurt by to many megapixels. Think under 10 if possible hard to find that.

    The biggest sensors like fourth third/APS-C/Full frame are much bigger so can handle having more megapixels without noisy performance issues.

    So it really depends on what type of camera you buy, a system camera or a DSLR has a interchangable lens and usually a nice big sensor. They are not cheap but the image quality is quite allot better then compacts.

    Zoom, well.. eeh depends on the use. They sell these superzooms these days with 30x zoom. That is nice to have but there is a sacrifice made image quality. Any zoom lens makes sacrifices it is just a fact of life. A zoom both has to perform at the wide and tele end. So either you have very expensive heavy glass but great image quality or you use cheaper glass and end up with not that strong image quality. Think not as sharp or not as nice contrast. Super zooms indeed offer allot of zoom but usually at a sacrifice in quality. Not to mention hand holding a lens that offers a 720mm effective zoom.. yeah. Even the best image stabilisation will have troubles.

    Another thing to note is ergonomy, can you handle the buttons, the menu the functions. It would be sad to own a camera that is pretty darn good but because you don’t understand/can’t handle the menu you don’t use right.

    So to buy a camera go to a shop, yes go to a shop and HOLD the camera, feel its weight its button placement see its menu’s and take that in account.

    Also you have forgotten one huge issue 😉

    BUDGET, really we could say you should buy a Nikon D700, a full frame DSLR [drool] but.. if you only have $300 to invest well we better not even begin about it.

    So set yourself a budget, go to a store hold the camera. Understand that how more zoom how more sacrifices are made. Some of those super zoom cameras definitely push the technology a bit to far for their own good. And enjoy photography. Make many pictures .. enjoy it.

    Oh and brand wise, Canon, Nikon are nice, Fuji is good to Panasonic is nice to.
    Brands not to even though, Kodak, Vivitar and GE, think chinese rebranded knock offs.. some might be good for the money but seriously just don’t

    In the end every brand has good and bad models so read reviews and handle the camera in the shop.

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