What is the best resolution on a laptop for gaming?

Question by : What is the best resolution on a laptop for gaming?
i am going to buy a laptop and was thinking about either getting a 15.6″ with a resolution of 1366×768 or a 17″ with 1600×900 resolution. besides that they both have the same specs (8gb ram) and both have good graphics cards. which one has higher resolution and which one will play games better?

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Answer by hello
alien ware is the best but anyway get 17 inch

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  1. einkinuy says:

    Can you give us a budget and target games?
    Anyway, 1366×768 for 15.6 is kind of standard resolution, but you can also find 1600×900 resolution for 15.6 which will be my prefered actually. However, to choose between laptops you better go and check reviews, because besides resolution there are more parameters that matter, like the color coverage and accuracy and so on.
    Moreover, you have to remember that 1600×900 will require more gpu horse power to run your games smoothly (on native resolution).

    So, again, budget and target games.

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